Today I am living the dream of finally wearing socks that match my blue and black sneakers. The shoes aren’t as shiny and new as they were back when I hatched the idea, but I think that well-put-together feeling is worth the waiting.


My formerly-secret pal rose to the challenge of finding yarn to match the sneaks, and she really did a perfect job. I’m loving the warmth and softness of the 100% merino, and yes, the color matches perfectly. I talked a lot about the yarn here, and you can buy it here. This is the first day in months that I’ve left home in footwear other than boots and of course it turned out snowy. But my toes were warm enough! And I noticed this evening that it’s staying light so much later! It didn’t get dark until after my getting-home time… a sure sign that spring is on its way, if it can even FIND us underneath the layers of snow and ice!


 Spring is hopefully coming sooner than later, but I know for sure that the Charity/Blog Anniversary Contest is coming up sooner than that! I’m extremely happy with the size of the response and the number of kind comments and new donations for Pearl’s Diamond Socks, but there’s only 7 days left to enter the contest so I figure I should start sweetening the deal with sneak peeks of the prizes. I still haven’t decided whether to combine the prizes into one grand prize or spread them out so everyone can be a winner…


Book 1 of the Harmony Stitch Guides makes a very fitting prize for the contest, since receiving these books for Christmas helped inspire Pearl’s sock design in the first place.  Unfortunately my family was a little too enthusiastic in supporting my knitting design, and I wound up with an extra copy in perfect condition. As a prize in the blog contest, this book would be an awesome complement to any of the great yarns that are also up for grabs (that I will show off later). You could even design your own pattern to benefit your favorite cause!