It’s time. Time that I find out for myself what all the hype is about. I’ve bought myself some Socks That Rock yarn, and I am totally wowed by the colors, and all set to try it out on some socks. I thought the colors of the Cracked Canyon colorway looked a little funny in the skein, but now that I see them all playing together in a ball, I am excited about them and I can’t wait to see what they will look like in sock form. So many STR fans out there can’t be wrong!I really enjoy ball winding by hand; for 90% of yarns I choose to do it that way over a ball winder because I love feeling the texture and watching the colors go by. My adjustable/collapsable Tinker Toy Swift sure makes it simpler and more fun though!


To wind the Socks that Rock yarn on the swift, I used 3 orange arms and a green one, which gave a circumference of 63.5 inches, which held the skein comfortably with a little slack. The extra round piece on the southwest arm in the picture is to balance out the weight difference between the green length and the orange across from it, this helps to keep the swift level and parallel to the floor, keeping things spinnin’ smoothly!