I’m having a great weekend because I finally get to spend time with my aunt Pearl, give her the socks I designed & knit, and tell her the great news about the donations for the pattern going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’m extremely happy with the response to the pattern so far, but I’d like to use the advantages of the vast web of knitters and charitable individuals on the internet to spread the word about the good cause. After all, it’s going to be my one year blogging anniversary, and that calls for a contest!


I’ve got an array of knitting books, yarn, and more yarn up for grabs as prizes (I’ll be giving sneak peeks of them in the coming week). Entering the contest is easy: simply (a) use your website or blog to increase awareness about the charitable knitting pattern Pearl’s Diamond Socks, and (b) mention that there’s a contest open for people who help spread the word. When you have posted about the socks & the pattern, leave a comment on this entry with a link to your contribution. The deadline for entering is Februrary 19th, (my blogoversary) at which time I will use a random number generator to select the winner or winners (depending on the number of entries.. that will be discussed as the time gets closer!) from among the commenters.

This contest is open to people without blogs or websites. Simply leave a link to the Ravelry or other internet forum where you’ve worked on spreading the word about the socks & the contest. Or think of another creative way to get the message out and send me a picture!

This contest is open to people who don’t knit. I will work hard to provide excellent prizes to the winner(s), regardless of what your interests are. If the yarny prizes are not tempting to you, enter anyway and I promise you an excellent reward if your number comes up in the drawing.

My primary goal is to raise awareness of the availability of and the charitable cause behind Pearl’s Diamond Socks. (My secondary goal is to celebrate my year of blogging!) To this end, please provide a link to the Charity Knitting page, and to this entry for the contest information. I encourage you to use any of the pictures of the socks to help spread the word (but please use your bandwidth, not mine).


Have fun and good luck!