In case you had any remaining doubt about whether I’m getting in to the color blue, you can now rest assured.


Thanks to the tip-off over at the Lime & Violet Daily Chum, I was able to score this lovely skein from Brooklyn Handspun.  I don’t want to sound cliche, but these photos honestly don’t do the colors justice. In person, this yarn is even brighter, and the colors (particularly the lighter blues) are even more vibrant and saturated. When it first came in the mail, we were honestly making jokes about needing sunglasses.


This generous skein of their new Soft Spun Plus (3-ply superwash merino) is the colorway “Daring,” and the name is kind of appropriate because of my newfound willingness to explore a wider variety of color palettes and my compulsion to buy yarn that I have no immediate use for! I’ve been itching to finish my other pair of blue socks, and will do that after my current spurt of designing and gift knitting calms down. I’m also dying to knit up my next sweater, but I guess I don’t want this blog to turn into only a repetitive call for the 30-hour day and the 8-day week so I can get more knitting done. If only I could train my cat to do chores…