This week, I think I’m on a roll with finishing projects, which is somewhat rare and hopefully productive and satisfying. Last night I resurrected a six-month-old forgotten project, and I’ve finished with the Malabrigo Loafers (except for their soles and taking photographs..), so now I’m feeling free to start up something new.


I’m not trying to make anyone jealous here, and I know we’ve already been over the fact that working at Lorna’s is a great opportunity with lots of yarn to play with, but there’s also side yarn benefits! We have a wholesale account with Brown Sheep Co. for certain supplies, so I am able to get their yarns at a nice discount! If my yarn-loving co-workers and I team up to get an order together, the shipping is cheap (and fast), and I end up with their great yarns for such a reasonable price, before you know it!


 It’s a good thing, too, because I fell in love with these new slipper boots from the same designer as the loafers project.  They call for Brown Sheep Co.’s Lamb’s Pride Bulky, which is a wool/mohair blend that’s fun to work with, comes in a bajillion colors, and has a great halo on the finished knitted fabric. It was awesome to get the yarns through work just as soon as Julie of Cocoknits published this pattern (even if I haven’t had time to knit it yet)… the only hard part was picking out the colors! (I went with Sable and Kiwi heathers.. the brown is for the contrasting soles.) Rumor has it that Julie is working on another slippers pattern with a Moroccan-style curly toe… I love that idea and can’t wait! It seems like I’m singlehandedly forming the Cocoknits Knitted Shoes Fan Club. London is OK with that idea, since knitted slippers encourage people to join her lifestyle of hanging around all day and cuddling: