I tried on the nearly-completed Tofutsies sock, and because it was arguably too small for me, the tension of stretching around my ankle created an unsightly ladder between the SSK’s and the K2tog’s of the chevron pattern. But I really do like this yarn! I was particularly taken with the color pooling of the slip-stitch reinforced heel which I had continued throughout the sole to watch the color go. So I am going to start over with this yarn in an all over slip-stitch pattern, which as you can see I began planning right after the ball winding right on the back of the old pattern.


I won’t however start this right away, not until after my wrist feels better– It’s been extremely sore with the race to finish the raglan on and the teeny tiny size 1 dpns. Both projects were on bamboo and I blame the lack of slipperiness for the extra tension I am feeling in my forearm.

Not that I would let the hiatus keep me from making knitting plans– But rather I’ve taken on the exciting and ambitious Pimlico Shrug from Knit 2 Together. I love this book! Tracey Ullman is lovely and entertaining, and this will be my second knitting project out of it.. the second of many I aspire to, that is. This morning I ordered the lovely Peace Fleece DK in the alluring Olive Root shade, the arrival of which I am eagerly anticipating!

peace fleece DK

Thanks to kpixie for the picture of the yarn.