I guess since I’ve been nominated twice today for the “You Make My Day” Award, I’d better participate and share the love with some reciprocation and hopefully provide you with some interesting links. As many of you know, I spend a good amount of time each morning and evening perusing the blog world, checking up on projects and reading everyone’s musings. I am truly thankful for this informative, humorous and thoughtful reading material and its place in my gearing-up and winding-down routines, and grateful for everyone who devotes energy to such a thoughtful and artistic endeavor. True, I’ve waited until this far into the “You Make My Day” meme to thank those of you whose blogs I cherish, but it’s also true that everyone out there who writes and shares about knitting, work, families, and life in general is a valuable part of my life, that I appreciate very much.

ymmd_award_2.jpg I believe that I won’t break the spirit of this meme if I send it right back to those who nominated me. Both Suna and Bobbi are friends and prolific knitters and bloggers, whom I admire for their demonstrated ability to start and finish ambitious projects, and continued willingness to share insightful, entertaining writing on their blogs.

Let me also give thanks to:

Abby, whose “The Lobster Loaf” has me continually in stitches. I am trying to get my dear sister to include some photos to accompany her cooking, school, and miscellaneous blog entries, but even without, she entertains with witty writing and positive outlook. She also promises that leaving comments will encourage her to write more, so please do that!

Roberto makes my day every day in a million ways, but I am inspired  by the devotion and level of thoughtfulness he has put into the planning of his new blog, Pixel Fortress. Maybe receiving this award could be something to write about in his first entry. He’s so motivated for sucess, however, that he has a habit of holding his work to extremely high standards, and tends to delete everything he ever puts into writing. Hopefully blogging will become a good cache for him to save all those thoughts and pictures.

I love to read J.P.’s blog, for his consistent enthusiasm and increasingly frequent kitty pictures. He’s been a great reader of my blog so I highly recommend you befriend him.

I also get a lot of enjoyment out for Floderten!strik.  It’s delightful to read about life in a foreign country like Denmark, and the author is generous with juicy details about how ridiculous family life, work and relationships can be.

And WOW, how have I waited this long to mention Stacey?  Both her blog and her participation on mine are warm, enthusiastic, and thoughtful. She has become a great web friend, and is, I sense, a very good person.

Robyn was my  lovely and accommodating SP11 hostess, and hers is a great blog to read because she updates every single day. She’s generous with picture of her adorable (growing!) family and details of a daily life I admire. I look forward to her nightly posts, with the tales of each day becoming a part of my own daily schedule.

I get a lot of inspiration from the multi-craftual Monster Crochet. I admire her many artistic talents, and I love her wacky aesthetic and persistence in a fun outlook even when things can be rough. If life throws her lemons? How about making weapon-wielding, blood-smattered, personified lemon headgear? Or whatever else makes you happy.

Today’s picture in the post at PeacockChic says it all. Two thumbs up! For great knitting and other craft projects, great photography and a great attitude. I love the detailed information and thoughts about each project.

Thanks for reading all this! I’ve written a lot and I could go on for quite a while, but I’ll leave it at the meme’s 10 nominees. My upcoming contributions to the blogosphere include more yarn pr0n pictures and a finished knitting project, so stick around!