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moving mountains

Since the TNNA show this weekend marks the official launch of Lorna’s Laces’ new colors and new line of organic yarns, we are under mountains of work to get all the new stuff shipped out. Literally:


We’ve been dying the new colors en masse to meet the demand of the preorders for them, and also to have a stock available for the orders that are placed at the show. We’ve still had orders to fill for all our regular stuff though, so the new yarns kept getting relegated to hiding in corners and occasionally worked on when a day’s normal work was finished. We’ve got dye lot after dye lot of the 6 new colorways plus 9 colors of DK and Worsted “Green Line” yarns, just waiting around to be twisted, labelled, bagged, and assigned to their appropriate invoice.

That’s a lot of sock yarn!

You might remember my sneak peak of #108 Apple Hill (second from right in that picture), with which I knit a model for display at the trade show and to be sent out for trunk shows. I’ve also ordered some #208 Edgewater (far left in the picture) for a sweater for myself.. which is having swatching drama that I’ll talk about later. I’m beginning to wonder how I can stand to even look at yarn what with all the backlogged piles of new colors at work. When are we going to get through twisting it all? Maybe when pigs fly: