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flyaway fibers

I ordered yarn for a new sweater project from Lorna’s Laces, and it should be dyed this week (if our schedule isn’t too thrown off by sending 3 of our 7 people to the TNNA show in California to announce our new colors and new line of yarns). I’m really excited about the prospect of the new sweater, which I know I will knit devotedly, so feel like I should have spent the weekend clearing up other half-finished knitting projects. Instead, I started a new one, even though I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it before I dive into the new sweater project.


Actually, if you want to really split hairs, this project IS contributing to finishing off other knitting projects, because once I’m done with it, I’ll know how much of the yarn will be leftover to use for my stash-busting afghan. The muddy, earthy colors of this yarn will be perfect for the afghan project, and I’m totally taken by the texture of the possum fur/merino blend.


I’m not sure my photos do a good enough job showing the unique qualities of this yarn. It’s a singly ply that’s not overly twisted, but it holds together really firmly with NO splitting and no flyaway fibers. It’s almost as if it’s felted together, except that it’s exceptionally springy and soft. It’s a delight to work with, and I almost wish I were working on a project that really showcased it’s unusual stitch definition. Unfortunately, it’s a discontinued yarn from Australia, so I doubt I’ll be seeing any more of it anytime soon. Ebay has a few colors, but it’s cost prohibitive for a sweater-sized project, particularly when I’ve got so much great yarn surrounding me at work. Can you tell I’m excited about the new yarns at work, and the new sweater I’ll be making with them?