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Louisa, my rocking SP11, really surprised me with this fiber find from clear the other side of the world. Not only did she wow me with a great yarn choice, but she also sparked one of those “oooooh wierd coincidence” moments when I opened the box.


The yarn is Naturally Yarns Merino & Fur, a discontinued yarn with (look at the label in the picture) possum fur in it! The coincidence is that we had just been talking about possum fiber at work a few days before this arrived for me, all the way from Australia. The deal (from memory, with no extra research) with possum fiber is that they were inadvertently introduced as an alien species to New Zealand, where they have become a widespread pest. However, the individual hairs of their coat are hollow, so their fur makes an exceptionally warm and lightweight fiber for wearing, and yarn from possums is a local speciality in that part of the world. The possum/merino blend is delightfully soft and squishy yet smooth, with great stitch definition… I’m making this.


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