It took since November but today I blocked and am wearing America’s Next Top Raglan.. no wait, that’s what I’ve been watching with all my spare time since the knitting is done. What I finished was Emily’s First Bulky Raglan, using the raglan schematic from Ann Budd’s book and 1239 yards of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash. The color  is  a gray/green/steel blue, SW160 “Prairie Sage”, which complements my eyes in that they both change color depending on the surrounding colors and ambient lighting.raglan seed V

It’s quite soft, and too big for me, which perfectly achieves the aesthetic I was hoping for in a lounge-around-the-chilly-house-in-PJ’s sweater. I also expect it may shrink if I were to machine wash it? After I added a kangaroo style pocket (not pictured), I steam blocked it with Brooke’s amazing steam-shooting iron… I really want one of those. The power to shoot steam on command would be really helpful at Bombpop, plus it’s just.. empowering. Like the ability to spit fire or the like. Maybe I’m under the influence of Rob’s habit of watching Heroes? Make mine super ability to steam on command, all wool knitted items will bow to my wishes…….