Christmas came early this year! Rob’s mom got me a gorgeous wooden swift, which perfectly complements the ball winder he gave me on my birthday.


I had such a delightful time winding off the lovely Karen’s Heavenly Creations sock yarn that was hand-picked by Louisa (my SP11) to go with my sneakers. I’ve photographed and blogged this yarn before, but I’m very excited to see how pretty it looks now that it’s wound off. You can really see how well the colors are going to play together!


I’m looking forward to starting Bartholomew’s Tantalizing Socks (ravelry link), also from the New Pathways book from Cat Bordhi. That’ll be a fun “me” project, to celebrate the completion of my Christmas crafting and these wonderful gifts from Rob’s family, and it will be my travel knitting when we go to see them this weekend (in Puerto Rico!).

The skein of sock yarn wound off like a dream (unlike the tangled skein I left hanging at work last night, to work on untangling when I get back to there today), and I anticipate the sock knitting will go as smoothly. I always knit the best when my motivation is the desire to wear the finished item! Really the hardest part was trying to take indoor pictures of this yarn without revealing the deplorably cluttered state of my craft area!