I had high hopes of using the results of our wintery storm yesterday for blog material. On one hand, being cooped up inside yesterday worked wonders for knitting productivity, but on the other hand, the rain last night washed away my intended backdrop for the progress shots. So, instead of natural light on show, I present: indoor lighting on bedspread!


As you can see I’ve gotten through the majority of an Ocean Toes sock. Although I was able to knit another half a chart after I took this picture, my wrist is telling me to stop! It’s SO tempting to just finish off the toe and call it a finished sock (I can’t wait to see the stitch pattern after a wet blocking), but knitting on 2 circular needles doesn’t agree with me at this size because of the short tip lengths on my Addi and the difficulty sliding tight stitches onto the left needle of the Knitpicks circ.

I’ll be saving the rest of this sock to knit on my lunchbreak tomorrow, but the problem with that is, when I have project goals to get done, I obsess all day about knitting! (Even more than I already would, surrounded by all that yarn..) I’m really enjoying the Cat Bordhi pattern, and I love that it’s both charted and written in line-by-line directions, so I can cross-reference the two. (That’s the academic/library in me talking!) I was thinking that maybe since this sock has gone so quickly, and I still have weeks ’till Christmas knitting is due, I might reward myself with a different sock from the book in Secret Pal yarn before working on the second Ocean Toe. It’s been really fun to try a new way of shaping the sock (one of the reasons it’s gone so fast), so I’m looking forward to working out some other patterns.