Good news comes in many forms today, both in and out of cyberspace. Anna is having a contest for lovely stitch markers, and it ends on Friday so get your entries in! The Yarn Harlot showed off the newest product from Lorna’s Laces, so that’ll increase our exposure and their popularity even more. Most imporantly, Rob has had an extremely attractive job offer from, as a Production Artist for the website, and the job is complete with benefits, graduate school tuition for him, and a very mangageable commute. We’re thrilled about the reliable income and that he gets to go back for his Master’s. I’m so proud that the company was impressed with his portfolio, when I’ve been the one saying all along how great he is!

Everything is really coming together for us, now that we both have great new jobs. I’m just so thankful to have good things happening to us , that I even ordered yarn to celebrate!