As I hoped, the holiday weekend gave me lots of time to finish knitting my Crosswalkers Socks and do the bulk of the work of getting the pattern available on the web. As with seemingly everything in my crafting life, finishing one thing (like knitting a pair of socks) only leaves me with even less time and more things to do (like learning to fix my mistakes from trying to edit Ravelry pages). All of a sudden it’s really late in the evening and days later than I was hoping to post!


I’m really happy with the way the socks and their photos turned out. (You can see the photoset here, thanks to Rob for taking pictures!) I just hope the pattern (available here) turned out well enough! As I learned in school and am re-learning on Ravelry, it is so difficult to edit your own work! Please do let me know if there are any questions or problems concerning the pattern.


Everything has been such a blur since the holiday, that I need a weekend to recover from the weekend! I haven’t had the time or concentration to start a new knitting project (probably going to be New Pathways socks), so in the flurry of trying to leave for work this morning, I grabbed an old hat and scarf to be my morning bundling up and my lunchtime knitting. Rob didn’t like the fit of the hat and he wished the scarf were longer… so I unravelled the hat to use its yarn to add on to the scarf.  Poor planning on my part, though: I had no hat and scarf to wear on the way home!


Maybe working the seed stitch scarf on huge needles is just the kind of monotony I need right now as I try to unwind from the stress of trip, catch up on laundry and chores, keep food in the house, and juggle relatives. Until all that evens out, I’m going to continue to amuse myself with the idea that this photo suggests, that I’m about to stomp on New York and crush it with my giant stress ball!