Yesterday, Franklin of the Panopticon and the 1000 Knitters Project visited us at work. As if his personality weren’t sweet enough, he brought us brownies that were still warm when he got there! They were gooey and delicious, and it turns out his secret recipe involves 5-year-distilled vanilla-infused vodka. It was a special day indeed!


Franklin spent the morning bonding with Beth‘s dog, and taking pictures of the yarn happenings at Lorna’s. I’ve been meaning to take my camera to work for some large-scale yarn pr0n, because we get the morning sun in the windows, so when we first get there all the yarn that’s hanging to dry from the night before is gorgeously illuminated by natural light. Not to mention the mounds of yarn in every corner… you might not believe it if I don’t get photographic evidence!


This is the Noro Kureyon I used for Rob’s felted slippers… I love the secret orange stripe peeking out from its hiding place deep in the skein, waiting to surprise an unsuspecting knitter! This colorway (196A) worked out really well for a masculine project, and the placement of the colors worked perfectly for a giant sock. I love the way the heel & toe are isolated:


 Still no after-felting picture (so sue me!). Rob started wearing them before they were even fully dry. It’s been really chilly so I’m hardly going to ask him to take them off, and let’s just say (between you and me), his feet are not the most photogenic thing in this house.. I’ll stick to finding inspriation in my yarn stash, thanks!