Welcome to November, it’s National Jump on the Bandwagon Month you know! I’m amazed at the number of different NaMo’s around the internet these days, and comfortable with my decision to not join in any of them. It’s like all the video game preview videos I watch over Rob‘s shoulder. Every time I see one that looks like it would grab my attention, I realize I have WAY too many things on my plate to even think about getting hooked on a new game. Or new hobby, or worse, a commitment to do a certain activity every single day this hectic month.

That said, I have to confess: I have bought yarn every day for the last 4 days. It’s like a compulsion! Have you bought your yarn yet today? A skein a day keeps the boogeyman away! The destashing threads on Ravelry? Dangerous. Knitpicks? Listening to Lime & Violet? Dangerous. Ebay? I do not dare, not with my track record these days! (Today it was a sale on Noro at the LYS right near work. Can you blame me?  A sale!) For almost all of the new yarn, I’ve got a project in mind that I eagerly anticipate. Except I haven’t even finished the last ones…

I’ve also got a lot of books lined up to read, and I’m looking forward to all of them. Not working at the library any more has definitely hurt my reading rate! The days of averaging 2 days per book are long gone. I just finished one tonight, though, so that should free me up to finish the baby sweater in the next day or two. Then I can move on to the various warm things I need to knit for Rob (it might snow tonight!), and yes, the second alpaca Crosswalker sock. I actually really want to knit that one (and post the pattern)! But all these other yarns keep jumping out at me.

In the meantime, fondling the predrafted roving at work today gave me a real hankering to try spinning again. But I must resist the urge to pile more onto my to-do list. My cup runneth over! I know we changed the clocks back this weekend, but where’s the part of Daylight Savings where I get more time? I need like a 30 hour day to squeeze everything in. The real test will be to see if I can get through tomorrow without buying any yarn….

[There is something wrong with the USB on my camera and until we get it figured out, at least I won’t have yarn pr0n as a temptation for buying more yarn. Progress shots and the like will have to wait…]