In the spirit of the giddy delight that Secret Pal 11 has brought into my life, I’m prepared to unabashedly reveal My Very First Knitting Project. The inspiration for this bag came from the brightly colored wools that caught my eye for selection, and the evolution of the finished project was shaped by my limitations as a new knitter.

dsc02140.jpg     dsc02142.jpg

Although it was originally conceived as a knitting project bag, it has never served that purpose (or any other) very well because of the loose gauge letting its contents poke out and because of the amount of stretch in the handle. I have thought about trying to felt it to toughen it up, but I’m concerned that the 2 different yarns would felt differently. You can see in the blue edging (which is not the way I was originally planning on using the contrast color, but it’s what I could manage to do) that I had a little trouble with stitch patterns. I knew the difference between seed stitch and K1P1 ribbing, but it took me a few rows of ribbing to realize that I wasn’t getting the seed stitch I had planned for! So I ended up knitting the second half of the bag with both ribbing and seed to “match” to original accidental side. As a whole this bag hasn’t found much use outside of sometimes carrying some yarn, but I will probably keep keeping it around as a memento of those early days when I was just getting hooked on knitting.

By contrast, my most recent finish project meets and exceeds my expectations for it in term of  presentation, size, and utility. I’m very pleased with the final fit and look of the finished Buttony Sweater, and I’m eagerly anticipating getting lots of wear out of it during cold weather. If only my coworkers wouldn’t notice me wearing the same thing every single day! I’ll have to knit some more garments to introduce a little more variety. I do wish I could own and wear more handknit things like this: lovely yarn, well-fitting, and very much the project I intended to create when I started out.


Unfortunately my unfinished projects these days are weighing down my freedom to start exciting new garment projects. I’ve got to get back on the horse for finishing things so I can move on to the new and different (and fuzzy and warm!)