7:30 on  a Saturday night is not a time you expect the doorbell to ring for a package. Poor mail carrier must be having a really long day, but I hope that her hard work was worth it for the satisfaction of bringing me joy enough to inspire the Happy Secret Pal Dance-O-Joy! Yes, what you’re seeing below is parcel from KnitPicks, showing signs of my aggressive breaking-and-entering in a fit of “oh-my-alpaca!” goodness.


I am going to hold off on better photos for daylight and a proper Fiber Friday post, because this stuff is worth it. It’s Andean Treasure in a lovely heathery brown aptly named “Woods”. (I think she got the message about me and brown!!) It is inspiring dreams of knitting cozy warmer-uppers  in this increasingly brisk weather, although at this point just cuddling and petting it for all eternity is looking like a good option also.  I’m loving my secret pal, and loving all the extra soft and warm knitting options this yarn has given me!