Yesterday I had some time to kill before my root canal, so I stopped into Montoya Fiber Studio to pick up something for my secret pal. I didn’t have something in mind for myself, but I’m sure everyone would agree that I deserved a little something special for myself to make up for enduring that particular form of dental torture. This started whimpering that it needed to come home with me:


It’s Alpaca Sox from Classic Elite Yarns, and I am loving the idea of alpaca sock yarn! I welcome the thought of my cold apartment in winter! Not only will my feet my warm and cozy, but also gorgeously stylish in the “dried herbs” colorway… I’m loving those slatey, muted colors. From my browsing, I expect the yarn to stripe more than pool.


Don’t even get me started on how deliciously soft the alpaca/wool/nylon blend is. In my post-root canal misery, I’ve been cuddling this skein as a comfort object and letting its delightful texture and consistency nurse me back to life. (I’m slightly worried that it’s too soft to make sturdy socks for shoe use, but hopefully the percentage of nylon compensates for that? I will probably reinforce the heels and toes when I get around to knitting this.)

You can see the signature alpaca flyaway halo hairs in these photos, and you can also see the tiniest first few droplets of a passing raincloud. The weather is dramatic today: the steel gray sky made me want to take photos outside on the concrete stoop, it seemed like the colors of nature today went well with the muted earthtones of the skein. The chilly wind and the gray weather have put me in the perfect mindframe to spend this day off curled up in warmth, recovery, and silky soft fibery goodness.