Today I have finish-itis (not to be confused with Finnish-itis!), and I’ve enjoyed the great satisfaction of finishing both a knitting project and a much enjoyed book. The knitting has been a modified version of the Urban Rustic Gloves from Sarah Sutherland in Knitty winter ’05. This was a great project for a weekend, as I knit one glove in each of my recent days off. And like many of my wooly creations of late, the gloves have me itching for cooler weather so I can actually wear the stuff!


To adapt these gloves to Chicago-style pizza winter weather, I left out the wind tunnels buttoned thumb gussets, and filled them in with a few extra rows of the sideways garter stitch. Then I picked up stitches for the ribbed cuff to lengthen the wrist to avoid any frostbite gap between the gloves and the cuff of a jacket. Also, instead of grafting the fingers together at the end, I performed a 3-needle bind-off on each one as I went along, which just seemed like a more straightforward way of getting to the point: finishing them!


I loved this handspun camel yarn. It was delightful to see the transformation it underwent when the gloves got a bath! The yarn came with a smattering of vegetable matter from camel play-time, and smelled faintly of whatever the camel version of lanolin is (camelin?). The water that ran off when I washed with 2-in-1 shampoo was brownish, and the finished product was remarkbly softer and drapier. (2-in-1 shampoo, yet another way of getting to the finish line faster!)

I did take a knitting break to finish up the book I’d been reading, another in my theme of gory-but-nerdy-nifty non-fiction. I’m actually going to pick a short-ish book to read next, just so I can get to that thrill of snapping it shut for the last time. I’m definitely feeling pressure to get books read and done with, because I’ve gone a little crazy recently on PaperBack Swap. I’ve got so many books en route to me right now, that I’d better get to reading or I’ll run out of credits to order more! It’s like free shopping, it’s devilish.

In other finishing news, this is finally the week where I’ve got to give notice of quitting my job. The whole plan is to not let on that my main reason is how much I can’t stand the people there, and focus on the fact that I’ve got to find a real job with benefits, and that my current dental debacle has really brought that concern to the foreground. That way I can still use partial truth in interacting with my boss and clingy co-workers, and not have to offend them beyond the point of positive-letter-of-recommendation. Also, they’ve just started construction on my commute route that will probably never be finished, so getting to and from work has become a literal hardship. So I’ve got to quit, which doesn’t have all those positive connotations of finishing a project, but still feels just as satisfying!