What to my wondering eyes did appear but a box from Australia that’s flown through the air?


Imagine my pleasant surprise today when I came home to a box all the way from Australia! You know your secret pal is from somewhere far away when they mention the weather of a totally opposite season and the estimated delivery time is measured in weeks. Boy, was it worth the wait though! There was so much yarn in this box that I couldn’t get it to close again after I took all the yarn out to fondle it. Here is the lovely view I was greeted with:


This box is so full to the brim with goodies that you can’t even see the lovely sock yarn that my pal included; I’ll save the pictures of it for Fiber Friday, but suffice to say the resulting socks will match my new shoes. Clockwise from the top we have Bamboozle from Lincraft, a silky soft bamboo/cotton blend; Diane Sparkle from Moda Vera, a glittery green mohair; and Moda Vera’s Twinkle, a sequined fuzzy ribbon creation! So much fun, and a world of Ravelrying awaits me to pick out projects for these.


Naturally, London could not resist the smells from all the way around the world and the promise of fame that comes with the yarn photoshoots. I think she likes the new yarns too! Last but not least in the package is a new orange friend, made out of amazingly painted feathers:


Thanks Secret Pal! You totally rock!!!!!!!!!!