(Please London, my knitting progress this week hasn’t been that boring. I mean, I should be the one yawning because you insist on waking me up in the middle of the night with your real-estate-hogging ways! It’s not all that cold yet, Ms. Let’s Conserve Heat By You Cuddling My Irresistable Fuzz.)

The cooling weather has definitely been motivational for my knitting and Ravelry-ing. It was during a Ravelry perusal that I discovered the Japanese Feather Socks, which in my opinion are beautiful. The curving lines make them so lovely and unusual looking, even though they use ordinary top-down heel-flap construction. This sock has become my purse knitting which bodes well for its speedy completion, except that purse knitting has to compete with book reading for my valuable break time at work.


Like my sock blockers?? Recycled! Hey, they do the trick of making socks easier to photograph than when they’re on feet. These socks have actually inspired the crazy idea of painting my toenails to coordinate with any current socks-in-progress. That way when you try on a pair of top-down socks, the ends of your feet don’t look so awkward and orphaned out there beyond where the sock can reach.

In other WiP news, the Gym Slip continues to resist my attempts to photograph it. It’ll make a great FO, but it’s so hard to shoot things being knit in the round when they’re still on the needles. Black stitches don’t help!