Jaegar Extra Fine Merino is a discontinued yarn, so I was able to get enough of it for the Gym Slip Dress on a nice discount. That doesn’t mean I’d use it as a kitty bed though! It’s very fine stuff, extremely soft and especially springy.


Knitting with is has been extremely delightful, but in this project, it’s the dream of the finished garment that is the true motivator. Like in my experience with the Pimlico Shrug, it’s the cuteness and wearability of the finished product that’s driving me through the arguably monotonous knitting. Nothing hurts the knitting momentum like casting on hundreds of stitches and then immediately doubling the number of stitches for the ruching at the hem!


I’m almost done with the ruching though, and then it’ll be a steady decreasing towards the lace panel at the waist, which I’m looking forward to. I love decreasing because each round goes faster and faster; it’s great for morale. Progress is looking promising on this project because I decided to take it along as my portable knitting when I travel next week. Already I’m dreaming of the cute stockings I’ll get to wear with this dress when cool weather finally comes! Have you seen those merino tights? Way too expensive but sooo warm!

Gym Slip Dress, originally uploaded by Rather Late.