Tonight was all about being spoiled! On the way out to the corner store for some last-minute ingredients for our late-night cookie craving, I found a delivery in the mail from my secret pal! I don’t know what’s more exciting, the thrill of being spoiled by a speedy and thoughtful upstream pal, or the thrill of planning lots of great new knitting projects!


To be honest, I am having an extremely difficult time deciding which gorgeous sock pattern I should indulge in first. The decision making is probably more difficult because of the chocolate-induced haze! I figure if you are going to spoil yourself, you might as well do it all the way… I mean, if chocolate is good, then triple chocolate is better!


Tonight it was chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and M&M’s. That candy has been a recurring theme ever since Rob and I visited the M&M world store in New York a few weeks ago. We came away with a souvenir mug, M&M’s in previously unthinkable color schemes, and a new tendency to make jokes about where they might melt other than in your hand.