My current reading theme is vampires– I am taking a brief hiatus from the bizarre medical/horrifyingly infectious diseases category. For my commute, I have Dracula on audiobook– and wow am I wowed by this book. I thought I didn’t even like frightening genres! But I am so completely transfixed by the rich description and carefully crafted suspense, that it seemed only right to try out Justin Somper’s Vampirates — naturally I agree with the book’s central theme that if pirates are bad, then vampirates must be worse! Worse in the good way of making a Youth chapter book a compelling if easy bedside read.


So in essence, it’s back to the old question “Who would win?” I’ve recently pondered frequently who would win, London that cat vs. Walter our ball python? After her recent mealtime, I suspect that Walter’s instinctive constriction would overpower London’s claws and panic. But on a much, much lighter and less gorey note– Who would win: vampires vs. pirates?