This week’s yarn pern is actually not my stash, but soon to be in the stash of my secret pal.. I hope she’s not reading this! However, in the time between buying it for her and taking this pictures on the back porch this sunny morning, I’ve fallen completely in love with it and now I’m dreaming about owning some myself…


Berroco Bonsai is a bamboo yarn worthy of changing my mind about ribbon yarns. It’s extremely soft, and I just love the shiny bits– they’re almost glittery. For me, it was one of those love-at-first-sight yarns, and it had me immediately dreaming about what I could make with it.


It’s not only the texture of Bonsai that sings to me, it’s also the color palette. Those earth tones! Someone must have called up the designers at Berroco and told them how much I’m into earth tones these days. I know that one of them, maybe the brown, or maybe a few of them, must become a knitted top for me, somehow, someday. In the meantime I get all the fun of dreaming about what pattern, or making one up to indulge the yarn lust that this secret pal gift has left me with!