kp18.JPG That’s a knitting pattern for a doll’s gym slip, which I gather is some sort of cross between a school uniform and workout gear.

51bgxltpol_aa240_.jpgThat’s a lovely book from Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark, which has provided me with two great knitting and fashion experiences so far.

What could these possibly have in common? My latest knitting endeavor, of course! I’ve had the great pleasure of starting the Gym Slip Dress, a lovely wool jumper that’s the third pattern I’ve worked from this book. When I first got the book last November, I knew immediately that it would become a favorite, and the Pimlico Shrug and Grownup Bonnet certainly helped establish the book’s treasured status in my collection. Both gets lots of wear and generate many compliments. They look handmade so they incite curiosity, but they both look fabulous and make me feel great wearing them! Just writing about them makes me long for the cold weather to return (!), and I am so certain that the Gym Slip Dress will fit right in to the collection.

It’ll be a lot of knitting, though! Knee length at DK weight! I’ll certainly post pictures as soon as there’s more than just a few rows of hem to show for myself. For anyone who is interested, I’ve generated a chart from the book’s line-by-line instructions for the lace panel of the dress. I’d be happy to share with anyone other Gym Slip Dress’ers who prefer charts to worded out lace patterns.