Sometimes the most benign type of exercise is the type that you don’t even realize you should be grumpy about because it’s a side benefit of something else enjoyable. That’s how I feel about my recent felting projects. The washing machines in the basement of my apartment building don’t get hot enough to really felt things, so I do it by hand in the sink with a washboard – “the old fashioned way”. It’s honest hard work; elbow grease is the key ingredient. Between the hot water and the vigorous scrubbing, it’s a steamy, sweaty project, and yes, I love it. Recently I felted a bowl to corral dresser-top clutter, and I’ve finished 1 of my sister’s house-warming oven mitts.

Part of the magic of felting by hand is front-row seats for the transformation of texture and size. It’s so neat to watch it shrink before your eyes when you hit it with cold water. What better to show the magic transformation than before and after photos! (Click to enlarge.)