I knew well from my days of babysitting that building toys are good fun for all ages. Imagine my pleasant surprise then when I saw Jen’s Tinker Toy Swift, an excellent and affordable solution of how to wind skeins of yarn into balls without tangling them or breaking the bank.


I thought it was great fun (not to mention quick and easy) to build this perfectly functional and widely adjustable toy/tool. My cat thought the whole thing was pretty interesting, too!

Rob was surprised at how quickly I got the thing together and how soon I started winding (before dessert!).. I don’t think he quite understands the extent of the new addiction to felting knitted things. Thanks to the Tinker Toy Swift, I’ll be on my way to the hot water and washboard in no time! I like felting by hand because you get to see the magic happen.. not to mention excellent upper body exercise and stress relief.