A lot of inanimate objects tend to develop jackets when there is a knitter around. The most recent victim suspect specimen is the French Press coffee maker in my kitchen, now toastily insulating its content under a shroud of alpaca and Kidsilk Haze:

The French Press Cozy knitting came about because I was committing a major knitter’s faux pas: using my hot water bottle cozy AS a wrapper for the coffee, indicating that there was a dire shortage of appropriate cozies in my household. Thankfully, the hot water bottle is now comfortably back in its own jacket:

This knitting-for-household-items crisis led me to look back at the other inanimate objects I have knitted for. A teapot cozy for a friend of mine, shown here being modeled by a bookend and three rubber stamps, awaiting its journey to its final cozying assignment:

A mug that had a hard time keeping its temperature up in a sometimes-chilly warehouse work environment:


I know there have been at least 2 iphone covers also knitted, but they’re no longer in use and I apparently never got bloggy pictures of them. Apparently the tech gadgets around here are more worried about looking sleek than staying warm- I swear they are going to catch a cold without their sweaters on, but hey- no one every listens to me!