See? I told you I was excited to finish and block this shawl! The real moment of truth is yet to come, when it’s dry and I get to feel how soft, drapey and luxurious the Sundara Silky Merino turns out. But stretching the fabric out to see the design in its entirety is always an exciting moment, too. It’s enough to tide me over until I can try it on and feel the finished fabric, anyway.

The pattern is Verdaia, found only on Ravelry here. The yarn is Sundara Silky Merino (fingering weight version) in Cobalt over Mediterranean. I hadn’t worked with this yarn before, but I will be on the lookout for an opportunity to do so again! It was delightful. The beads in this shawl are my own addition, 6/0 silvered glass applied with the crochet hook method, inspired when I browsed some of the other Verdaia’s on Ravelry. I really liked the ones like this where the beads stood out in high-contrast, so I went looking for a bead choice that would really show up well. I think I definitely achieved that!

I like the idea of adding beads to patterns that don’t ordinarily indicate them (like I did for Ishbel). I’m not sure I have the patience for an entirely beaded piece… sitting with an open container of beads for too long is just asking for spilling trouble in my house! But just a few sections of beads is the right amount of beadwork for me, and some of the popular small-shawl designs seam to lend themselves nicely to beaded highlights. The other thing I like about beading a shawl’s edge is looking forward to it… for neck-down shawls, the end sections can seem to take forever, and having the beads to look forward to helps me get through those long rows.