It was only a couple of hours after I wrote up my last post before I was spinning, plying, and finishing the spinning project that I was so worked up about. Sometimes they’re just totally addictive! We had plenty of episodes of bad TV stored up, so I just worked through the remaining fiber until it was done, since I was so excited to see how it would turn out. And how indeed! Here are the final results, after washing and setting and everything.

The recipient of this skein doesn’t work with thinner yarns, so I intentionally spun heavier than my “default settings.” I’m pleased with the results! The wpi measured out to a solid worsted weight, and the drape is wonderful because the big plies just loosely loop and play with each other.

As for yardage, this skein came out just over 150 yards, which seems like it’ll be a good amount for my friend to do a nice project. I’ve been thinking a lot about knitting with handspun recently… it’s definitely been “on the brain.” I have a huge skein of laceweight I’d like to make into a cardigan, although the color is a little -meh- for me so I haven’t been too tempted to dive into that undertaking. I recently made a fingering weight handspun triangle scarf that I sent away in a swap package, so I may have to replace that with another one. I think I need to get spinning so I have yarns to fill in all these knitting dreams!

I did use this spinning project to work in a little extra craft time, too. I carved a rubber froggy stamp to help make the green-themed tag to label the handspun! I love carving stamps, but it turns out I have way more aptitude for it than I have for doing actual stamping projects. Making labels for my yarns is about all of the papercrafting commitment I can handle, but I do love it when my fiber projects create excuses for me to make another carving!

Hopefully I can find another stamping use for this little frog! Maybe another green spinning project?