I’m in the middle of a spinning project for a friend, and this fiber is totally addictive! It’s a good thing the BFL is so easy and such a joy to work with, because otherwise I might be tempted to just sit and stare, admiring the pretty colors. It’s one of those projects that’s taking ME along for the ride, instead of me directing the progress… it’s addictive!

The fiber is from Woolgatherings, and the color didn’t come with a name, though if I had to name it myself I’d probably just go with “Drool Inducing Greens.” The yellowy neon greens are just my thing, and I love the hidden highlights of forest-floor browny greens. This combed top base is known as “mixed BFL”- mixed because the sheep who contributed the fiber were all different colors, and their wool was combined and combed together, so that the “background” for the dye job is a variety of fiber colors, not just plain white. That’s part of what makes this colorway so complex and gorgeous. (The other part is of course the colors themselves, being gorgeous and green!)

At the rate it’s going, I expect to have finished yarn pictures to share with you soon from this spinning project. The singles are looking beautiful, but my favorite part is always the plying. It’s totally “the moment of truth” when you get to see how the colors are really going to come together in the texture format of a finished plied yarn. I’m looking forward to it!