I just love knitters. Isn’t it amazing how the connections we make between other fiber enthusiasts on the internet can turn into something really special? Recently I’ve been donating some of my time to the Design Donors, a Ravelry group for helping new groups get set up with their theme decor, for people who may not possess the skills or software to do it themselves. I started doing this because I wanted the practice to brush off my graphic design skills, and I didn’t mind donating the small amounts of time such projects normally take.

I had no idea these little favors would turn into such beautiful yarn!

I did a little group badge and banner project for a Finland-based group without thinking much of it; I mean, I couldn’t even understand the text I was applying to the images! I just whipped up the banners and delivered. But Niina, the group admin, is such a sweetheart that she sent me this gorgeous package of yarn and goodies from Finland as a thank-you. The above is an aloe-infused wool/nylon sock yarn in an orange I love (and it actually looks like a colorway I designed, that’s how “me” it is), and below is some RED laceweight that really tugs my heartstrings. I have always loved a good red, and I always swear I’m going to knit lace “just as soon as time allows.” You know how that one goes!

Still, I’m not sure what I like best, one of the yarns, or the adorable handmade teddy bear buttons they came with. I just love collecting buttons… Niina really had my number when she was putting together this package!

I was really taken by the generosity of this Ravelry friend, and am so excited to try out some yarns from so far away! Who cares if I can’t translate the labels or pronounce the names… lots of great yarns have names that are hard to pronounce!