The last in my series of “professional photos of my professional knits.” This hat and sweater set I did for Knit Picks, to show off a classic KP pattern in a new yarn, the dyed and heathered colors of the Simply Cotton Sport. My favorite aspect of this project was probably the cute little “ears” detail on the hat. My least favorite aspect was definitely the amount of ends-weaving. Oh, the drawback of knitting colorwork!

I don’t usually get into purple, but sometimes the fun of these commission projects is working outside of my comfort zone. I get to try yarns/combinations/techniques that I wouldn’t ordinarily pick for myself. All three of the KP projects I’ve shown you recently have been in cotton or cotton-blends, which I rarely if ever knit of my own devises. But, I have enjoyed working with the yarns, and I particularly appreciate the smoothness of the knitted fabric. It’s really ideal for baby wear like this set– no fuss, no muss! Again though, I’d leave out the ends-weaving if I could.

As usual, I’m including that second picture both as a point of comparison between professional and phone photography, and to prove that I’m not just ganking KP images here! I really have been working on secret projects behind the scenes, and the blogging delay means that I get to share the extra nice pictures eventually. Not sure when the next secret project will become available for sharing, so in the meantime you’ll have to look forward to my regular old blog posts to keep you busy.