I think knitters universally agree that baby stuff is great to knit. It’s satisfyingly quick to knit and it’s just SO darn cute! An item’s adorableness exponentially increases as its size scale diminishes. Knitted grown up slippers? Pretty neat, OK. Knitted baby booties? OMG squee!

This booties and hat set is a sample knitting project I did for Knit Picks back around New Year’s. I finally found it published on their site, meaning I’m free to share the pictures with you! The pattern is from Natural Nursery Knits by Erika Knight, and it has everything you want in babywear- no fuss cotton yarn, adorable styling. The only problem is, both the hat and the booties are knitted flat and then seamed. I don’t mind seaming (I kind of like it actually), but do you know how many extra ends to weave in that created on the striped hat, since I could carry yarn up the inside when the stripes were an odd number of rows? I think pattern publishers (especially British ones, like Debbie Bliss?) always default to “knit flat and seamed” since it requires the least common denominator of tools- straight needles. Personally, I say invest in a set of DPN’s in the sizes you use a lot, and let the knitting options flood in!

I guess there is the other end of that extreme, too. The sample-knitting project I’m currently working on has required no less than 7 sets of circular and double-pointed needles, all in various lengths and sizes. It’s a doozy!  Of course I won’t be able to blog about it for several months again, but I’m willing to bet you’ll be impressed when it finally comes out. I know I will be (whenever I finally finish it)!