I finished my spinning project, and here it is in its final glory! Actually, since it’s my creation, all I can see are its flaws, but I’m pretty sure it looks like a bloggable skein of handspun to the rest of you. It’s my first skein after a long spinning hiatus, so some inconsistency is of course forgivable. And then there’s the fact that part of it was spun BEFORE the break, and the rest spun a few months later, and who knows what type of havoc that treatment would imbue… so actually, I’m probably lucky the yarn looks this good!

All the fiber details are here. I’m not going to type them out again, when I already blogged about it twice recently! I will give you readers the benefit of the doubt that you were paying attention. (You were, right?) If not, you can also see the condensed notes here on Ravelry.

When I was spinning this project, I was really hoping to get enough yardage to knit the Aestlight shawl out of it. The colors will knit up subtly, but there will be a gradual striping that I thought would look fabulous in a multidirectional knit like that design. Sadly, I fell about 80 yards short of being able to squeak it out, so this yarn will go to something else. However, I got Aestlight in my head and I can’t get it out! So you should expect to see more about that from me, soon!

Speaking of things you can expect from me, I’ve started publishing “sneak peeks” of my blog content on Twitter. Follow me there if you’d like to be updated about what projects I’m working on, and what’s just about ready to make it to the front page here on the blog. I also post “outtakes” there, of some of the photos that don’t make it into my posts.