The spinning bug still has its little fangs lodged pretty deeply in my to-do list, so instead of the work I was hoping to get to this afternoon, I couldn’t resist taking my wheel out into the sun on the porch. The mohair content in the fiber I am spinning is so nice and shiny, that is positively gleamed in the sun, and I couldn’t resist asking someone to snap a few pictures. I hope you can get the impression of just how brilliant the weather is, and how delightful it made the spinning. Forget spinning straw into gold, this was like spinning gold into yarn!

In this picture I am spinning from the fold, which I do a lot. It’s not the only style I use, but it’s one that I had success with early in my spinning career, so I fall back into it frequently. It’s easy for me to do, especially because you only have to manage one little handful of fiber at a time. The resulting yarn is lofty. One of my favorite parts about spinning from the fold is the way it mixes up the colors when working with multicolor dyed fiber. That obviously isn’t a factor here since my roving is nearly solid, but I’m enjoying the process immensely.