This week I’m pleased to share one of the newest additions to my stash, Handspun Camel yarn from the Snow Leopard Trust. Ladies and gents, this is what happens when a website offers free shipping if you spend just a little bit more!


I really love the natural variance in the undyed shades of the camel fiber, and I love the fuzzy halo from the guard hairs. Did I mention I have a history of camel appreciation? That’s another thing that attracted me to this yarn, which will become these gloves.


Aside from its beauty and handmade goodness, the other neat part about this yarn is the social and environmental project of the Snow Leopard Trust. By buying the handspun yarn from native camels, they’ve given remote Mongolian villiages a trade and a reliable source of income so that they don’t have to depend on poaching snow leopards for money. If you don’t know how cool that is, you should watch Planet Earth.