I am spinning again, and it feels wonderful. I’m not really sure what caused me to go “off” spinning this February, probably a combination of the lifestyle changes we made when Rob’s brother moved in, and also the busy-busy I’ve been with crafting deadlines for outside parties. In any case, my wheel sat unloved there for a couple of months, but we are back together and it’s a lovely romance once again.

The first order of business is finishing up the project I was in the middle of when I quit. I was able to finish the first batch of singles in one sitting, during two and a half episodes of NOVA on Hulu last night! The fiber here is part of what I picked up when I visited Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and it was delightful to spin. It’s a merino/bamboo blend in the colorway “Terra Firma.”

I totally love spinning with bamboo (or tencel) blends, which is interesting since I don’t really care for knitting with them. In manufactured yarn, these rayon type blends are shiny and give the yarn a heaviness (drape) that doesn’t really suit my style, but in spinning fiber, I just love them. They are just the right combination of sticky and slippery, and the sheen is usually a nice touch. I’m planning on plying this particular batch of singles with another gem that’s been in my stash for several months:

“Cinnamon,” a BFL/mohair blend by Old Maiden Aunt. I got this with two others in a trade for some leftover Wollmeise, not a bad deal! I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’m spinning with a mohair blend, and it’s going great so far. I am spinning it from the fold, and it’s very soft and subtly semi-solid. I’m really looking forward to plying it with Terra Firma. The finished yarn will have a very unique fiber content – BFL, Merino, Bamboo, Mohair – but I think the colors are going to be smashing. Plying is always my favorite part, since I get to see what the finished yarn will finally look like!