One thing about all the knitting-for-hire I’ve been doing is that I can’t show the pictures of my work online for varying amounts of time after the project is due. For the projects I do for Knit Picks, I just have to wait until the next catalog cycle or website update when they launch their newest features. For some other publishers I’m working with, the wait is much longer– still in the “to be determined” range! Anyway, since the wait period between submitting my projects and getting to share them isn’t always the same length, I fell a little behind on checking for updates, and it turns out I have a small handful of them to blog about. So pardon me while I begin a series of “professionally photographed knits I worked on months ago!”

The name of this pattern, from the book Knitting in the Sun, is “Windansea” hat. It’s an interesting name that manages to be very descriptive and utilitarian yet whimsical and artistic at the same time! Knit Picks has handicapped it to “Wind and Sea” hat, which just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Their Cotlin yarn is perfect for this type of outdoorsy, summer weight knitting though.

When I share the professional pictures on Ravelry, I always make sure to show my own images of the project as well, so that people don’t assume I’m just ganking the cover image. Those gleaming photos really are representations of my work! –it just happens to be my needlework, not my photography skills! My picture of this hat really dates the knitting project perfectly, since the very dim indoor lighting correctly represents that it was the darkest days on winter, and I can even spy some Christmas-related crafting among the mess in the background!