If you haven’t guessed from my blog silence, I’ve been really busy lately. Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps me occupied and interested, but makes for really lousy blog content. When I’m busy like this, my knitting usually DOESN’T suffer. I *need* it to keep me going! My spinning, however, hasn’t been so lucky. I haven’t touched my wheel in a long time, and I’m feeling terrible about it. My fiber stash is giving me the ugly eye from the closet, and the dreams of awesome projects I’d planned are fading into memory.

Thankfully, nothing tickles my crafting mojo like some pure temptation. KnittyPitty is having a blog charity raffle that’s head and shoulders above the usual stakes you see on these raffles– She has lined up some amazing fiber arts companies as sponsors, and the prizes are truly tempting. She has gorgeous Sundara yarn, but my favorite are the Golding spindles. Not only are they making me want to spin again, but they are making me want to use spindles! There’s a lot of satisfaction in processing fiber through your fingers “the old way.” There’s even more satisfaction when your tools are expertly crafted works of art!

The proceeds of this raffle benefit a worthy cause: animal rescue. As an animal lover, I’m more than happy to spare some cash to this cause in the name of possible stash enhancement. Even if the cause doesn’t trigger your tear ducts, I’m certain that these tempting prizes will. It’s worth checking out and sparing $5 for a chance at the goodies!