Here’s another commission knitting project, where I got fabulous professional images back to show for it. You might recall that I knitted the Master Charles hat out of O-wool Classic back in December for Tot Toppers to show as a model. My photos were OK, although those styrofoam head shots always seem a little creepy. But didn’t the Tot Toppers photographer do an excellent job of it? The model is much nicer, too.

Taking pictures of hats (on heads) is definitely one of those tasks that you should have a second person to help with. Kind of like moving furniture! It’s possible to do by yourself, but a second set of hands makes it go off a lot smoother. (Especially when the other set of hands is so skilled with a camera!)

I took some self-hat-portraits of a knitted hat that was given to me recently, and well– they look like pictures you’d try to take of your own head. A common problem among hat knitters, no doubt!