Happy New Year! This post will engage in activity fairly unpopular for New Year’s Day: looking back into the past. Well, only into yesterday, when I had the extreme good fortune and pleasure of visiting Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ open house in Scappoose, OR! It was a delightfully terrible day for a drive… I absolutely love the wet winter weather here, and yesterday was almost the definition of gray. The visibility was very low, with low-hanging fog and mist everywhere. It was raining which made the leftover snow at that higher elevation very slushy and mucky. The perfect day for a drive in the countryside! I’m not kidding– I loved it.

The warm welcome and yarn overload I was treated to when I arrived definitely helped with my enjoyment of the day, let me assure you. Even as someone who has logged many hours at the inner workings of Lorna’s Laces, visiting Blue Moon was a total treat and a complete yarn-overload. They had covered or moved most of their regular dye and packaging equipment out of the way, so that they could cover every available surface with yarn! There was yarn everywhere, and lots of it, and much of it was SO beautiful.

I was a good girl. I spent within my budget, and I only picked out one little skein of Socks that Rock for myself. I have a ton of sock yarn, all of which I am dying to knit with, so I really didn’t need to go too crazy in that department! I also picked up two bumps of spinning fiber, which are totally gorgeous. I also already have too much roving, but buying more of that is easier to justify since I’ve been going through it so voraciously of late! I had a great time sifting through the “rare gem” mill ends, looking for the perfect one-of-a-kind skeins for a friend. It’s fun when you get to spend other people’s money!

I will have to save the pictures of the yarns and fibers I picked for another post. They are hiding in my Flickr if you want to take a sneak peek. I just really wanted to share this experience– too bad my afterthought phone pictures can’t show the fun I had getting to know the BMFA yarnistas and other knitters there. They also don’t show the lovely rural setting and homey countryside atmosphere! It was a delightful moment with donuts, snow on pine trees, and the chance to pet yarns that I’ll only ever dream of affording. (De-vine? It’s DIVINE!)

Apparently this “once in a Blue Moon” sale was the first time BMFA has opened to the public.. and the odds of it happening again seem pretty slim, when you consider the next blue moon isn’t until August 2012! It’s really is a shame, because their studio is such a gem in the middle of the woods, an ideal destination for a day trip. I wish I could have taken knitterly friends with me, and I wish that more people had been able to share the experience! And I wanna go back! It was a fun trip with great yarn.