It’s good to have knitterly friends. I was running full-steam-ahead into making the same blogging blunder I always do, namely getting so excited about starting a spinning project that I tear up the roving before taking any pictures, but Heidi totally had my back because she had taken a “stash” picture of the fiber before gifting it to me. Nevermind the fact that the gift of the roving was what caused the frenzied need to start the spinning project, that’s irrelevant because the day was saved by a preemptive “before” picture! Without further ado:

The fiber is Maude & Me merino in the color “Lost at Sea.” There’s this authentic feel to working with merino from a New Zealand artist… like it would HAVE to be the good stuff, coming from a source so renowned for bountiful sheep! And this fiber feels THAT good, too– it was an absolute joy to spin, and the resulting yarn is wonderful.

I didn’t start out with the intention of making sock yarn, but the finished yarn resembles it pretty closely. It’s 350 yards of fingering weight, and smooth in texture. Ordinarily I would plan for a 3-ply (round) yarn for socks, but I’m tempted to go ahead and knit socks with this yarn, anyway. I’m just so certain they would be lovely! The fiber isn’t superwash, which should help with the durability, and I generally hand-wash my knitted goods, anyway.

I’m actually a little bit TOO tempted to make socks with this. I have another pair of socks on the needles right now, and it is awesome looking and fun to make. Between that and the other knitting commitments I have this month, I have no business starting a new pair right now! To help keep my paws off of it, I’ve been considering listing this one in my Etsy shop. That would make it “reserved” out of my regular stash, and give someone else a shot at making the lovely knitted item this skein deserves. But then again, that would mean *I* wouldn’t get to play with it! I’m still trying to decide, haha.

We’ll see. Handspun generally takes forever to sell on Etsy, so I could probably list it and then remove it if I get around to knitting with it, I would only lose 20 cents that way. However, if I planned on that, it would probably be the one “Murphy’s Law” instance where the yarn sells right away! Wouldn’t that just be my luck.