I feel like such an accomplished blogger right now. Not only do I have a finished skein of handspun to share, but I also have “before” pictures of the spinning fiber which I actually remembered to take before I got started. Huzzah! Before and after pictures in every pot!

It all started with a “Marianne Dashwood Roving” from Yarn Love, purchased with glee and a birthday gift certificate from the Loopy Ewe. The colorway name is “Mr. Wonderful,” which pretty much sums up how I feel about these colors. I am still so in love with happy yellows these days. So bright and fun.

Superwash merino fibers have such a good reputation among yarn enthusiasts, and every time I touch this handspun yarn, I am reminded why. It is silky with a nice weighty drape, squishy, and just soft-soft-soft. The colors in this skein are a little bit “baby boy” to me, and the yarn is definitely soft enough to become a cherished baby item. Or, you know, I could just keep the skein nearby for frequent cuddling.

I chain-plied this yarn from one very full bobbin of singles. On one hand, chain plying sometimes seems like it’s kind of the easy way out: no wrestling with springy singles in a center-pull ball, no eyeballing the division of the fiber or singles into even halves, just straight-up bobbin to bobbin plying. On the other hand, though, I DO love the effect of the chained 3-ply. The yarn is nice and round, and the best part is the way it keeps the colors together. This skein has long color repeats, in the order they came off the roving, and knitting with it will create stripes. Yay for handspun stripes!

Oh yeah, one other great thing about having finished the spinning on this project. I get to make another hand-stamped yarn tag! Something happy and bright to go with the fun colors. Just what I needed, right? Another excuse to get distracted by a new craft..