Introducing Berocco Hip-Hop, a 100% wool thick-and-thin destined to become felted Hot Out of the Oven mitts for my sister’s new place. I ordered this yarn sight-unseen, and I’m quite pleased with it! Abby asked very descriptively for “Blue,” but I think this colorway takes blues to a new height.


It’s a visually pleasing yarn with that sheepy, lanolin smell. I didn’t notice the smell when I first fondled the yarn out of the box, but after knitting with it for a while, the body heat really released the smell, which for me is a plus. Another cool thing about acutally knitting with the Hip-Hop is that the stockinette shows off the thick and thin texture to a T:


The texture delivers a slubby, fuzzy stockinette, and just the right amount of color pooling at 36 stitches in the round on size 11 needles. It gives the fabric a dimensionality that I’m really looking forward to seeing in the finished felted product.