Today’s Motif of the Week is brought to you by the letter A!

letter A motif swatch

Well, more accurately, I am bringing you the letter A this week. I know have mentioned here recently that I’ve got ants in my pants for a new hobby, rubber stamping. Rob came through with an early holiday present, faithful enabler that he is, and we ordered the tools and materials needed for carving my own stamps. I’ve been hard at work carving images for a variety of purposes, such as personalized holiday gifts, and it occurred to me that unique monogram stamps would be a fun thing to make and share! I’m planning to get a whole alphabet together, and the individual stamps are available in my etsy shop.

letter A monogram, hand-carved stamp

So my head was full of letters as I sat down to select this week’s Monday Motif. The knitting chart is my best effort at replicating the stamp’s script, which is an adaptation of my handwriting. So if you are a lucky A-name reader, you could sit down and make a monogram stationary set and matching fingerless writing gloves for using it! (Or something.) Here’s the knitting chart for that type of personalization-squared endeavor:

letter A monogram knitting chart

I don’t know that I’ll continue using letters for Motif of the Week ideas. They are so graphic and versatile, but I don’t want to limit the knitting motifs to only letters… I already did the whole alphabet for the Alphamitts, after all. However, I may continue with some letters, maybe some favorite or thematic ones, so if there is a letter you would particularly like to knit (or stamp), do let me know and I’d be happy to accommodate your request in a future Motif of the Week.