I think I previously mentioned that I’ve taken up an interest in rubber stamping as a hobby. It all started when a friend hand-carved a Skyline stamp, that I was able to use when I made placards for some of my design and blog projects.  All the Motif of the Week swatches, knitted models of my designs, along with those of some of my Chicago peers, are all on display at Beans and Bagels on Montrose in Chicago, and the little skyline stamps link back to the blog and describe the various pieces. I’ll have to ask somebody there to get me some pictures of the display. Here’s the tags I made with the hand-carved stamp:

Since most of you readers are fellow crafters, I’m sure you can imagine what came next. I dabbled a tiny bit in rubber stamping. Fatefully, this required a trip to the craft store to pick up inks and other supplies. A whole aisle of the craft store I had previously ignored on my way to the yarn and fabric! I am totally in the throes of a new crafty addiction.

hand-stamped tags for handspun yarn

One way I’m using this new hobby, is to make new tags for all of my skeins of handspun yarn. They look so neat with the fancy labels instead of the random pieces of scratch paper I was previously using! The problem here is… it takes a lot less time to stamp a tag than it does to spin, wash, and measure a finished skein of yarn. I’m running out of yarns to make tags for! I’ve got to put my new hobby down for a few days and quick produce some yarn… it’s a vicious cycle.